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What Are White Papers?

A white paper is an official report that aims to summarize a complex subject or issue, sometimes to fit onto a single page.

White papers are often used by government officials and other organizations but in a content marketing context they provide a quick overview of a complex topic, normally followed by a call to action.

Generally, there are three main types of whitepaper. Backgrounders provide the technical features of a product or concept, numbered lists highlight key points and problem/solution papers provide a solution to a common problem.

Whether your aim is to make sales, or just to bring your readers up to speed, we can help you to convey your message in an official and efficient manner with our white paper services.

Why Use White Papers?

Few things can be as effective in generating leads and sales as a well written white paper. White papers are suitable for situations where a sales page just doesn’t cut it and you need to go a little deeper. Think of them as webinars that ultimately are designed to sell your product.

What Makes a Great White Paper?

While you hope to sell with your white paper, it’s important that your copy be about more than just sales. You want to offer a real solution and an effective overview of a topic because it’s only by providing value that you can gain a reader’s trust.

We understand this implicitly and always provide real value in all our writing. At the same time, we produce white papers that are written in an official, informative tone that will help you to establish your brand as a leading authority.

Don’t take chances with your white paper service. Let us handle the task and you’ll have a fantastic end product that you can use to generate lots more sales and give your business a boost.

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