SEO Articles


  • Engaging
  • Well Researched
  • No Awkward Phrases
  • Correct Keyword Density
  • Optimized Headlines, Subheads & Bullets
  • LSI Optimization

What Are SEO Articles?

SEO ArticlesSEO articles contain keywords that are strategically placed within text for maximum visibility on search engines. While they are specifically designed to attract search engine bots and boost rankings, they also sound 100% natural and provide useful information that human readers find interesting, valuable and entertaining.

Why Bother Writing SEO Content?

Keywords describe your content to search engines and define your web pages. Therefore, articles that are keyword optimized perform better in the SERPs. They are found more easily by people searching for products and information because search engines understand the subject matter of your content better. More visibility means more web traffic, customers and sales. It’s that simple.

Knowing How to Write SEO Articles Is Critical

A few years ago, marketers churned out keyword-stuffed articles by the thousands. Surprisingly, these actually ranked, and running a search meant encountering these nonsensical pages. But things have changed. Search engines are smarter now. These practices now put you at risk of penalties. Content that is correctly optimized, however, is more likely to come up in search.

What a Good SEO Article Looks Like

A good SEO article doesn’t look like one. It doesn’t contain awkward sentences, phrases and words. It doesn’t reek of manipulation. Keywords are used naturally within text and aren’t even noticeable to readers. Search engine bots recognize them, though, and bring them up for relevant search terms. Good SEO content employs safe search engine optimization techniques and appeals to humans.

Hire Professional SEO Article Writers

Professional writers know how to write articles that appeal to engines and human beings, and our copywriters do. Applying SEO best practices and a profound knowledge of their craft, they compose superior articles that attract search engines and engage readers. This boosts rankings and web traffic, improves visibility, and ultimately gets you more customers and sales. 

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