New App ‘TuneShare’ Lets Groups Sync Music Playback for Incredible Surround-Sound

Santa Monica, CA,

AppMazing Productions

TuneShare is a new app from the newly formed Santa Monica-based dev team ‘AppMazing’ and which promises to revolutionize the way you enjoy music in a group by syncing every device with the app installed to play the same piece of music. The app is due to launch for iOS, Android and Windows Phone on 1st March this year and should be perfect for gatherings, house parties and a large variety of other situations.

Today, Spotify has over 10 million subscribers while iTunes has a whopping 800 million users demonstrating a clear appetite for digital music and streaming services. Many of these users will use playlists on their accounts to share music when they have guests around. To do this they may plug a phone or computer into speakers but this will often mean one room has very loud music while every other part of the house is quiet. With TuneShare, the songs will seem to come from all around you, ensuring the music reaches every corner of your home to create an amazing 3-dimensional surround sound. What’s also interesting is the way that busier rooms will have louder music than more intimate settings.

We’re incredibly excited about TuneShare and the whole concept of decentralized playback.‘ says CEO David Stone. ‘It’s something that we really believe could change the way we listen to and share music in unpredictable ways. We think this might be the start of something really big!‘.

Whether you’re using Spotify, iTunes, WinAmp or another app entirely to listen to your music, it doesn’t matter – by creating a ‘NoiseGroup’ in TuneShare and adding everyone else in the area, you can stream the sound from your phone. As long as you’re all connected to the same WiFi network, there are no other limitations to what you can do with it. You can even stream your own voice and use the system to make announcements!

When you create a NoiseGroup, you can define yourself as the ‘host’ which ensures you stay in control of the music being streamed. If you’re feeling more democratic, however, there’s also a ‘free-for-all’ option that lets any member take charge at any point during the night.

House parties are perhaps the most obvious application for this exciting new app but there are many more potential uses, too. Entire crowds at events, for instance, could potentially stream the music they’re hearing on stage, or it could also conceivably be used for elaborate games or group discussions. It’s likely that as the app finds its audience, more possible uses will emerge and dictate the direction of development.

If you’d like to find out about TuneShare or AppMazing, you can find details on the website at Alternatively, get in touch using the details below and a representative will gladly answer any questions.


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