Ever Wanted to Enhance Your Mind By Reading a Book?

What’s the secret to getting everything you want out of life? To changing your fortunes in your career, your relationships and your personal life?

Oh that’s easy… you just get smarter.

I don’t mean you become a genius either. Being the ‘absent-minded professor’ type might be great if you’re a physicist, but it’s hardly going to help you influence people or thrive in business. No, I’m talking about becoming sharper, quicker, more knowledgeable, more charming, better at problem solvingwhat I’m talking about is practical smarts. Smarts that put you one step ahead of everyone else.

Smarts that intimidate.

And the good news? Science is increasingly teaching us that becoming smarter is very much within reach. Anyone can unlock the full potential of their mind. You won’t believe how much more ‘bandwidth’ you can give your grey matter in fact!

Don’t believe me? Well, fair enough… it is quite a claim. But keep reading then because in a moment I’m going to show you one quick trick that you can use in minutes to drastically increase your brain’s processing speed. Completely for free!

Once you see just how powerful this one trick is, how much quicker your thoughts will move, you’ll realize just how much your brain can be transformed.

But before we go into that, let’s take a look at what you could really do with an ‘upgraded brain’.

How Unlocking Your Brain Power Can Accelerate Your Career, Relationships and Physical Prowess

In the film Limitless, the central character just has to take a small pill – ‘NZT’ – to instantly upgrade his cognitive powers. In minutes, he’s able to work with complete focus, to remember tiny details he learned in the past, to charm anyone he meets and to crack the stock market. Over the course of the story he then goes from washed-up writer living in a messy apartment, to highly successful stock broker.

Is that possible? Is that how it would really go down?

Well… yeah. If you really could somehow ‘upgrade’ your brain (which I’m getting to), then that would pretty much be the magic switch that would make everything else fall into place.

Think about the people you know in your own life who are super smart in that practical kind of way. These are the people who you can’t beat in an argument because they always leave you stymied. These are the people who always have a clever comeback and who have everyone eating out of their hands. These are the people who are calm in a crisis and offer that one solution that everyone was looking for.

And the best bit? These people aren’t half as smart as you can be. After all, these are just people who were ‘born’ clever. There’s a lot more potential out there for you to unlock…

Imagine it: being able to approach every problem calmly because you know that the answers will come easily to you, being able to effortlessly outmaneuver your opponents, being able to get people to respond just the way you want them to.

Imagine being so witty, charming and knowledgeable that everyone hangs off your every word…

Never stuttering and never lost for something smart to say. Hey, we’ve all been there…

Everything will come easier to you and more naturally and as a result you’d have plenty more time and energy to go after the things you really want. People will want to work with you (because you’d be naturally impressive) and you’d have boundless energy and resources to make things happen.

And it’s not just book smarts that come from upgrading your brain either. By enhancing your central nervous system you’ll also be faster, more agile and better able to react. You’ll even be stronger. Ever heard of flow states? Those are the mental states that enable us to escape life-and-death situations and that let athletes break impossible records. Imagine being able to go into these states at will.

You’d be a force to be reckoned with…

How This ‘Limitless Pill’ in Book Form Really Works

Now of course Limitless is just a film and there’s no such thing as NZT. And anyway, the story ends badly for our protagonist seeing as the drug also has lots of nasty side effects. No thank you.

In real life though, there are actually plenty of ways to enhance your brain power and when you get this e-book you’ll be privy to all of them. The book will go over in-depth what makes a smart person smart and will help you to unlock the full potential of your brain by following simple and easy steps.

The book includes cutting-edge research into the science of peak mental performance and shows how the right nutrition can help you to provide your brain with more energy and more raw materials for growth and optimum function.

The tips in this book will help you to:

  • Sleep better to permanently eradicate brain fog
  • Increase your mitochondria for more efficient brain cells through diet and exercise
  • Learn complex subjects effortlessly
  • Enhance your brain plasticity
  • Memorize any information using the techniques of memory masters
  • Use supplementation and nootropics to enhance your neural chemistry
  • Leverage cognitive behavioral therapy and self-hypnosis to overcome social anxiety, shyness and phobias
  • Strengthen your central nervous system
  • Encourage your brain to self-heal
  • Combat inflammation that may cause depression and increase your chances of developing Alzheimer’s
  • Use brain training like the “N-back Test” to increase your working memory and number crunching ability
  • Trigger flow states to improve your alertness, focus and problem solving skills

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