Sales Letters

  • Highly persuasive
  • Compelling CTAs
  • Highly converting
  • Not pushy

What Are Sales Letters?

A sales letter is a type of direct mail – usually e-mail these days – which has the sole purpose of encouraging the recipient to buy a product or service. For you internet marketers out there, this is a landing page in e-mail form.

Once you’ve worked hard to build your list of e-mails and to give yourself an audience, it’s using sales letters that you will be able to start converting those leads into customers. All your previous efforts are building up to this letter – so it better be good!

What Makes a Great Sales Letter?

Sales letters are all about converting readers into paying customers and as such they should rely heavily on an understanding of human psychology and persuasive writing.

The first challenge here is getting the reader to make it past the first line. We don’t like being sold to and we’ve be desensitized to these kinds of messages. Our writers know how to grab attention and reel people in, often by using a narrative structure combined with short, bold sentences in the opening lines.

The next step is to get the reader to imagine what your product can do for them – to understand the value proposition. We’ll get your list daydreaming about how what your selling can make them richer, sexier, happier or less stressed. From there, it’s a matter of applying a little social influence, a touch of authority and a few well-placed facts.

Finally, we apply time pressure or scarcity and urge the reader to buy while they’re feeling impulsive and excited for what you’re offering.

That’s how a great sales letter works – though of course there’s much more to it than that!

Why Sales Letters Matter

Sales letters are hugely important because they’re solely responsible for generating income through e-mail marketing. If you have a sales funnel right now and your sales letter isn’t everything it could be, then you’re probably losing out on a huge portion of sales.

Just sending out one of our expertly crafted sales letters on the other hand can boost your profits to a huge degree. Imagine waking up to double your normal sales… or more! Why not give it a try and see for yourself?

Of all our products, few offer the same ROI as our sales letters and landing pages.

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