Press Release Articles


  • Catchy 
  • Informative
  • Active Voice
  • Correct Format
  • Strong Headline
  • Professional Tone

What Are Press Release Articles?

Press Release ArticlesPress releases are usually sent to the media. Adopting a professional tone and journalistic style, these newsworthy articles are designed to inspire reporters to share your news with the world. These days, however, they can be submitted and used in a number of ways, which bodes well for small businesses and marketers.

Why Bother Writing Press Releases?

Media coverage can be a powerful business tool. Press release articles help draw focus to a particular message you want to share. They can also be useful in generating web traffic. When you submit a news release to distribution services and they share it with their network, you can get a lot of coverage. You will often get dozens of backlinks, directing readers to your website.

Knowing How to Write Press Release Articles Is Critical

Competition for publicity is fierce. Reporters are usually strapped for time and working on a deadline. Your news release needs to stand out fast, capture their imagination. If it doesn’t, it may end up in the shredder. If you’re using an online service, the same holds true, though your article will likely just be ignored. Either way, you lose time, money, and an opportunity for mass exposure.

What a Good Press Release Article Looks Like

A good news release is concise, focused and informative. The content is fact based and an active voice is employed. It also takes on the recognized industry format, using style and layout to maximize efficacy. Most importantly, a successful press release contains a strong news hook and gripping headline that moves readers through the article. Getting any of these wrong can mean failure.

Hire Professional Press Release Writers

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