• Interesting
  • Informative
  • Right Structure
  • Clear Message
  • Compelling Subject Lines
  • Strong Calls To Action

What Are e-Newsletters?

Newsletterse-Newsletters are letters sent to website subscribers on a regular basis for the purpose of business. Normally emailed to prospects and existing customers, they are designed to compel readers to act on offers or, at minimum, stay engaged for future promotional letters and/or news related to one’s business.

Why Bother Writing Newsletters?

When you’re an internet marketer, building a list of targeted subscribers is one of the most important things you can do; it’s how you sell your products and services. Sending an email broadcast to your list is easy and can bring hordes of traffic and sales almost instantly. As a business owner, an e-newsletter keeps your company relevant and your customers informed.

Knowing How to Write an e-Newsletter Is Critical

While writing newsletters should form part of every marketing plan, poorly written letters don’t convey the intended message or prompt readers to take action. Most times, people won’t even open the email, or they’ll unsubscribe. Worse yet, they’ll click the “report spam” button, leading to an ISP block or ban. Ultimately, weak e-newsletters are ineffective and just hurt your credibility.

What a Good Newsletter Looks Like

A well-written newsletter, first and foremost, contains an interesting subject line that invites readers to open the email. It uses strong action verbs and evokes curiosity. A good e-newsletter is also legible, engaging, structured and concise. It isn’t a sales pitch, but it does contain compelling calls to action. Most importantly, it serves its purpose and gets subscribers to act.

Hire Professional Newsletter Writers

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