Developmental and Copy Editing

  • Quick turnaround
  • Copy returned flawlessly
  • As many changes and suggestions as required

What is Developmental and Copy Editing?

Copy editing is an industry term for editing that fixes grammar and spelling mistakes. If you just need copy editing, we’ll look over your copy and return it to you precisely intact – only without any errors.

Developmental editing is slightly different meanwhile. Developmental editing means you’re giving us license to start editing the structure and the narrative of your piece. In this case, we are ‘developing’ what you’ve written and taking it to the next level. We can do that because we employ some of the top writers in the business but at an even more basic level it’s valuable simply because two heads are better than one. If you really need your content to be at its very best, then developmental editing is what you need. Why not let us upgrade your entire site?

Want something just ‘in between’? Line editing is a halfway house that maintains your structure and general points but which switches the wording and grammar around to help you convey your message more elegantly.

Why Choose Developmental and Copy Editing?

When you use this service, you specify to us precisely how much change you want for your article and we go about working within those confines.

Whatever you decide though, the result is something you can’t get any other way. This will still be your writing. This is still the original piece you sent us – it’s just that it has been developed to become its very best version.

This service is perfect for the client who knows exactly what it is that they want to say but who needs just a little extra help saying it. Or perhaps your confident in your wording but you just want another set of eyes to look over it. Either way, Text Boss has got your back!

Order today and see your writing transformed before your very eyes! We make good writing great and great writing perfect!
$5.00/100 words