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What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a broad term that can apply to many things. In general, it usually refers to writing content for websites though this can mean writing for blogs or business sites and in some cases might even include apps or social media.

‘Content’ just means the writing you will use to craft your digital presence and this needs to adapt to the context it’s used in.

We offer a wide range of content writing services and can help you to add professional copy to your homepage, or entertaining posts for your blog.

What Makes Great Content Writing?

The secret to great content writing is really to know your audience and to understand the context. Premium products and services need a premium service to represent them online and that’s what we offer. Whether you want something fun and lighthearted for your entertaining blog, or you need a technical article for your financial site; we create the right kind of content to help you meet your goals.

Why Great Content Matters

There’s a saying in digital marketing and that is that ‘content is king’. What’s meant by this is that content is really the main ‘currency’ on the web and is in many ways the glue that holds everything together.

Think about it: what is Google searching for when you type in a query? It’s looking at content and comparing that to the search string to see if there’s a connection.

And why do people click on links on Facebook? Because they want something to read, AKA content.

Filling your site with content essentially means filling it with value. The better the quality of your content, the more likely people are to enjoy spending time on your site and to want to visit again and again.

Content is even what persuades people to buy! Having a website without amazing content is like having a book full of blank pages.

Create Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content is so important in fact, that it has given rise to a whole new field of digital marketing: content marketing. This means that you’re using content in such a way as to not only increase traffic but also increase your authority and influence on the web. We offer the premier content writing service on the web but what we also offer is help creating your content marketing strategy for total web dominance!

Get in touch and we’ll happily provide a free consultation to help you discover how content can help your company to soar.

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