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An Introduction to Digital Copywriting Agencies – Nothing Like Mad Men!

The Average Joe has very little idea about what a copywriting agency really does. Except perhaps they think it’s something like Mad Men… In reality, copywriting agencies have very little to do with Mad Men most of the time (and that’s regardless of the period setting) and especially for digital agencies. Here we will look in a little bit more detail at what a digital copywriting agency does, how they vary and why their role is so crucial for countless businesses. How Mad Men is Different If you thought Mad Men was about copywriting, then you weren’t wrong. However, what’s key to point out here is that there are lots of different types of copywriting. Man Men is actually a …

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How to Create Amazing, Original Content for a Blog or Site

When it comes to succeeding on the web, original content is pretty much gold. Content is what brings the majority of visitors to any site and it’s what enables Google to correctly index and categorize that site as well. Content is both why people visit a website and how they find it. The problem though, is that a surprising number of webmasters and even “writers” don’t really know how to develop original content. It’s not just that they don’t know how to create high quality content – it’s that they don’t know how to create original posts… at all. Here then, we’ll go over everything you need to know about creating original content so that you can start populating your …

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