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How to Write an Amazing Article or Blog Post

Online content writing has grown to become a very lucrative means of income for freelance writers. As the Internet continues to expand, more and more blogs and websites appear. As a result, more quality, unique content is needed to fill them. While some bloggers or website owners may provide their own content, others may choose to outsource this work to online content writers and professional freelancers. Whether you have your own website or have chosen a career as a freelancer, it is vital that you know the difference between simply writing a blog post or article to take up space and writing a fantastic article or blog post that will gain the attention of search engines, bring in traffic, and …

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What Makes Great SEO Content Writing

When it comes to creating stellar content, a somewhat delicate balance must be struck. Unlike the old days, you won’t get anywhere by strictly creating content that appeals to search engine algorithms. Actual humans need to get something out of it too. However, this hardly means SEO no longer matters. If anything, it’s more important than ever. These days, the best content gives a nod to SEO, conforms to search engine guidelines and is irresistible to its intended audience. Without any further ado, here are 20 tips for creating content that engages readers, helps you get your marketing message across and, most importantly, helps your website rank: Know Your Audience – You can’t effectively market anything without knowing your audience. …

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What Makes Great Copywriting?

Between books, the Internet, flyers and much more, there is more copy out there today than ever before. However, not all of this copy is compelling or otherwise worth reading. Some copy even turns off its intended audience and completely fails to achieve its purpose. There are ways to avoid this. All it takes is knowing what makes great copywriting. Here are twenty characteristics of such copy, in no particular order: An Incredible Lead-In Sentence: Great copy is copy that people actually want to read, and nothing encourages people to pay attention to the written word more than an incredible lead-in sentence. Such opening sentences lay hold of readers and draw them in. Bold statements that evoke pleasant memories and …

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